Alan's hi-lighting philosophy

Over the years, Alan has developed a special technique for hi-lighting hair which is extremely natural that allows the hi-lights to grow in gradually without roots so they last longer than normal. His unique method keeps them even from the roots to the ends without over-bleaching, so the hi-lights not only look great, but the hair stays healthy as well. When it comes to coloring and highlighting, Alan factors the individuals skin and eye color to achieve the complimentary shades.


Alan's hair cutting philosophy

Even though he was trained in geometric haircutting, Alan feels that is only the beginning of the cut. Each cut must be customized to the way the hair dries naturally. Alan believes that cutting the hair only geometrically is wishful haircutting because the hair doesn't dry geometrically.



Alan has a passion for this business and it shows in everything he does. He has a knack for understanding just what his clients want and need, and he consistently creates a distinct style that makes them happy. He's dedicated to satisfying his customers, and has a long history of doing just that.


His father, the pioneer of the geometric hair cutting system, introduced Alan to the world of hair cutting very early on. He quickly found he had a talent for the craft and grew to love the work. He learned from and worked with the best, including Gene Shacove, Vidal Sassoon and Neal Sloan, to name just a few. Alan took numerous courses in color to master nuances others often ignore, and traveled to some of the largest industry shows in the country to showcase his talents.


As Master Stylist at weekly fashion shows held at the private dinner club, The Jockey Club, located on the top floor of the famed Chasen’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Alan expanded his clientele base to include several celebrities and models. He has also been sought out for shows at the LA hotspots Key Club, Century Club and Bar Fly, for Tropicana Swimwear contests, fasion shows for various top LA designers and has lent his services to many charity events at the Fryer’s Club, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and other venues throughout the Los Angeles area.



Alan has been helping his clientele look their best for the past 20+ years at his Beverly Hills and Brentwood salons. In order to help people achieve the look they want, Alan styles hair to suit each individual’s profession and lifestyle.


Come into his salon and you'll see that Alan works hard to create an environment which is relaxed, fun and comfortable, where his clients can come in and see themselves transformed. So if you interested in looking as good as you can look, visit Alan at his Brentwood Salon by calling him at 310 721-HAIR Tuesday - SUNDAY.